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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

It was only late last year that I joined the board at Lincoln City Women FC. In that short time it’s been quite a journey in playing a small part, helping get this Imps Phoenix back into the air. The commitment and professionalism of the players, management, coaching staff, board members and club staff has been outstanding. We have enjoyed great and vital support from Lincoln City FC.

The Imps badge and red and white shirt bring with them high expectations and rightly so. Whilst we ended our season prematurely we are proud to be the county’s highest-ranked and best supported women’s team but we have an ambition and desire to progress. As a club, we are professionalising and restructuring to properly support our teams in our vision to climb the league system.

On the Club Board, we have secured the services of talented and knowledgeable people and are also looking at ways of ensuring our great supporters are more involved in our direction and ambition. Despite our aims, it goes without saying that these are difficult and unusual times. We are mindful that much has changed in the world to include in the world of football. It is an absolute credit to the players that they have shown great commitment and dedication, adapting to training programs to maintain fitness during these unprecedented times.

Our journey and progression as a club is not something that even with the best will, a group of volunteers can achieve alone. We know in being Imps that as a team we represent our city and it’s people and it is the support from these people that enables us to progress. We are immensely grateful for the help of all our supporters - people and businesses who believe in what we are striving to achieve.

As one season ends, another immediately begins. Lots of hard but exciting work is ahead, awaiting that day, whenever it might be that the ball is placed on the centre spot. It is a huge privilege to be part of this. The reward of the time and effort is in seeing the enjoyment and pride of both our players and fans. Getting back to that needs patience but get back to it we certainly will, just as soon as it is safe to do so.

Best wishes to all, please stay safe

Martin Ryder

Acting Chair

Lincoln City Women FC

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