Thoughts from the Chairman

I have never underestimated the power of football and its ability to break down barriers and bring communities together. The recent rise in women’s football had coincided with the rise of Lincoln City FC and this was an opportunity that those before me had the foresight to grasp with both hands.

Staff changes

In recent times the club had been served extremely well by three people that need recognition, Rick Brock-Taylor, Brian Pettit and Jane Cooper.

The previous chair, match day manager and treasurer respectively - the progress of life and commitments means that these people sadly leave us. All the better for knowing, good people with big hearts - I thank them on behalf of the club for everything they have done. The rebirth of Lincoln City Women would not have happened without them.

As one door closes another opens and I am absolutely delighted to welcome Ken Tunstall to the board as Treasurer. Ken, a keen sportsman himself, runs successful local business Tunstall Financial Management. With a raft of professionalism and experience, Ken is a top rate acquisition to the club board to help us on our journey.

I am delighted to say, respected and massively experienced Lincoln football man Rob Bradley, takes the Vice-Chair role.

I inherit a role at a club blessed with fantastic staff – top quality management, coaches, media and support staff hungry for success.

Membership Scheme

To better engage with the supporters and community we are also planning to roll out a membership scheme - another exciting development for the club and its magnificent supporters. As the saying goes the one constant in life is change. I am entrusted with others to be guardians of the entity that is Lincoln City Women FC and recognise just how much that means, both to us and the people who support it.

We are ambassadors for both the promotion of women in sport and for the pride instilled in people who identify themselves as being an Imp. League position and ambition are important but as is having that belief and what it means in our players. We are a group of people who want to win football matches but we also know we wear a shirt that represents our beautiful city and the thousands of avid supporters of the Lincoln City family.

As much as I can do, I have a determination to ensure this club is a place where ambitious people are valued and will thrive. We are always on the lookout for businesses, people and players who believe in what we are striving to achieve. I believe passionately in us being part of an equal and diverse society, not just buzz words, it is an open door to a progressive and representative football club for everyone.

Up the Imps!

Martin Ryder

Chairman, Lincoln City Women FC

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