Chairperson's Report - AGM 2021

In July 2019 when Lincoln City Women came into being I am sure few would have ever considered that two years later the club would have been unable to complete a first full season. In considering the many challenges we have faced, it is testament to the dedication and commitment of everyone involved at the club that we have not only survived but have made progress in so many areas. While we reflect on the past and are thankful to all those who have played their part in our journey, the excitement in this club is in the knowledge that we (players, staff, supporters) are the ones who determine our path in the future.

To be an integral part of the Lincoln City FC family comes with high expectations and rightly so. From an idea to its formation, the club has certainly travelled a long way and continued to professionalise in our short history. The pandemic has in many ways enforced a reset but this has given us a focus and breathing space to progress. To ensure the club can continue to grow we have been proactive in forging a great new relationship with Lincoln Moorlands Railway to mutually benefit both the club and a hidden gem of a community facility. The first team move to Moorlands will reignite our community ambitions in being a welcoming and inclusive football club for all and allow the growth of our supporter base.

Since our beginnings we have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Active Nation, Yarborough and we will continue to benefit from their state of the art facilities both for reserve fixtures and twice weekly training to properly support player development. For the 2021-2022 season we have assembled a high quality squad and a truly exceptional management and coaching team. We are committed to providing not just the best possible coaching but to ensure we also have the best equipment and facilities to support it. A Veo recording system, GPS vests, new training equipment, a plethora of skilled support staff and a great new relationship with the University of Lincoln - we really are taking player support to a new level. With this and the Lincoln City family now providing such a superb pathway for female players, we are proud to play a key part and ensure players are inspired to play at the highest level possible.

As important as our success is on the pitch, so is our ethos, our vision and our development off of it. We are hugely indebted to the support of our great sponsors and we have looked to make our sponsorship offers extremely competitive to offer great value with our reach and profile. To watch the team play at Molineux recently really drove home what incredible experiences everyone at the club can benefit from. Our off field team continues to grow as does our sharing of resources within the Imps family with more news on this front due soon.

To conclude my report I save the most important thing until last, the people who make it happen. The key thing in my view is in how much you value each other and we have some truly exceptional people involved in this football club both on and off the pitch. If ever there was a role model it isn’t in my view the celebrity or the one who shouts loudest, it is the person who gives so much time and energy for the love of the club and people within it. Without doubt we have a real togetherness here, there is a happiness and positivity within the club. While there is always much to do, I am confident the club is setting out for an exciting season ahead. We hope you can be a part of it with us. Up the Imps!

Martin Ryder

Chairperson Lincoln City Women FC

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer or sponsor in our journey into the future please email us at

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