Katie Williams

At what age did you start playing football? 

4 years old

What is your favourite footballing memory? 

Playing for Sheffield Hallam university in the varsity games against University of Sheffield at Hillsborough stadium is a great memory. Or just playing heads and volleys and wembos all summer with my friends as a kid

What is your pre-match anthem? 

I like so many songs I don’t have a pre match anthem, any Jason Derulo song

What is your pre-match meal? 

Weetabix, lots of water, a banana and some sweets

What has been your highlight at Lincoln City? 

Being so welcomed in to the team, meeting amazing new friends and so far as a team competing very strongly in our league

What achievements do you want for Lincoln City while you're here? 

I’d be happy to score a goal this season, but I want to train and play to what I feel is the best of my ability for the team